The Simple Multiuser Online Scenes Project


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This project dealt with the hobby usage of the Web3D Network Sensor to implement interactive, animated and MU capable Web3D Scenes for online 3D chat and simple multiplayer games.

Please refer to for more information about Web3D standards.

The project depends on the Web3D browser BS Contact and on the collaboration server BS Collaborate (please refer to for more information).

Support of additional Web3D browsers and MU systems is envisioned for the future.

Currently the project does not offer any authoring support, i.e. the instrumentation of the scene with MIDAS*) objects has to be done manually, e.g. using a text editor.

*) MIDAS = Multiuser Interactivity Driven Animation and Simulation

Example Scenes:

The project publishes only very rudimentary, very simple example scenes:

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